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Photography what a beautiful beast you are ! The last twelve months have seen a a roller coaster of events that has led to a decision to go full time as a photographer and digital nomad. I have a base but no home of my own. A conscious decision that has seen a calming of the nerves, better sleep, and a better focus on life experiences, a happy balance of all things that I now hold dear.

Photography Barbed Wire
Barbed Wire Fence

Life really is sometimes like an out stretched piece of barbed wire. In order to move forwards you have to cross that fence, that line between comfort zone and unchartered territory. This last 12 months, infact, probably the best part of 24 months has seen some stark realisations of what it’s all about !

Okay, I’m fortunate to have many skills gained through an incredibly busy and packed life, despite 54 years young there is no bloody way I consider slowing down. I don’t own a pair of slippers and my pipe is a battery operated vape monster from is 21st century not cherry wood and bakelite from a by gone Victorian era. I’ll retire when I’m done.

Veganism, now that is a whole different view point that didn’t even occur to me until a chance meeting with a family friend in July… August I made the move to be totally vegan. A totally different topic for a later date.

Photography, we can all give it all sorts of titles. We can even try and specialise. Me, I’m happy with being a stock photographer ( which includes editorial pieces ). It allows me to work remotely , in a nomadic digital age, without so much as a tie to anything. In my book this equals total satisfaction.

A note on equipment for those interested. I used to use Nikon in the days of film, following and taking pictures of bands. The result was a few editorial pieces being published in local newspapers. My return to being behind the lens was a long and arduous process but I decided that all things being equal I would return to Nikon.

Over 50 and a new challenge, new existence, and new focus ( excuse the pun ) … scrub that …. include the pun , it’s what went through my mind so why not include it ! ? Immersed in nature and my surroundings. I cycle whenever I can, keeps me fit, I sea kayak whenever I get the opportunity and all of this remotely. I got a lock up to store  gear ( most of it could be classed as crap ) but nomad I sure am. Not for the weak or faint hearted and not for those that cherish home comforts. What it does give is freedom of mind and no clutter in anyway.

So if you enjoyed this very short excerpt in to a wilder mind then subscribe, join in, either way I like writing so it will continue regardless.. Photography for me is that artform that has few boundaries. The only boundaries are the ones ” You ” set.



Welsh based photographer and writer. Original images that evoke emotion but also to invite curiosity and interpretation.
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